Web Content Articles

These are web content articles. They are fluent, have good sentence syntax and are interesting to read. The style and grammar used are not as formal as University standards require, so should not be used for college essays. Search engines will note that the articles are grammatically correct. Search engines will also recognise that the articles are useful and valuable content, which is going to help your SEO.

Funny Articles

Here you can buy funny articles with full rights, which means that you own the articles and may do with them as you please. The levels of humour vary from hilarious and offensive, to inoffensive and humorous. Many of them are written with US spelling and grammar, but that is easily changed if needed.

Blog Posts

Here you will find a selection of high quality articles you can use as blog posts. Each article is original and has never been published online. The article preview is set as an image so that Google doesn’t crawl the text. Click on one of the images to see a preview and the buying options.

Original Cartoons

Each cartoon is original and unpublished (both online and offline). An un-watermarked version will be delivered to your chosen email address within 24 hours of purchase. The prices reflect their potential popularity online.


Any article or cartoon you purchase will be sent to your email address within 24 hours of payment. The delay enables us to confirm payment prior to delivering the article.

How Pricing Works

The price of an article is based on four factors:

  • Topic popularity - Articles on unpopular topics are often priced far lower to increase the likelihood of a sale.
  • Article quality - Some articles are written quickly and are, therefore, sold at a lower price.
  • Time on website - If an article has been on the website for a long time then its price is often lowered.
  • Evergreen - If an article has a limited lifespan and may soon become old or irrelevant, then it is sold at a lower price.

In the “Massive Discount Section,” you will find articles at very low prices, but each article may display one or more of the issues listed above. Look at the sample excerpts before committing to a purchase.


Every single article advertised is 100% original and has been copyrighted via two methods. A hard copy is mailed special delivery to our office, which is then left unopened. This proves production time if the dispute ever reaches court. The back up method involves submission to the copyright company UKCS.

Full Rights

Every purchase comes with full rights. Once you purchase the article you gain full control of the article. This means that you may change the article as you wish, and may add your own name as the author, etc.

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